Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Driver: San Francisco - Wii Review

Driver: San Francisco did pretty well on the PS3 and Xbox 360 but in general there's been very little coverage of the game on the Wii, although the game is quite different to Grand Theft Auto it's probably about the closest we'll ever get to seeing anything similar on the Wii.

In the game you play the role of the protagonist John Tanner and you'll also step into the roles of Tobias Jones and Solomon Caine, there's so much swapping and changing of the person that you're supposed to be that you'll probably forget who you are, aside from during the cut scenes you wont see any human characters while playing Driver on the Wii but it's still a decent game.

While GTA is well known for its adult themes it's fair to say that Driver SF on the Wii is a great deal milder and pretty family friendly, while driving through the city the characters in other cars may call you a dumb dufus depending on your actions but that's about as strong as the language gets.

John Tanner is the main character and an undercover detective who starts out in the car lot of the San Francisco Police Department, at the beginning of the game you'll take on a driving test that teaches you how to pull off specific driving manoeuvres and introduces you to the motion controls.

As you'd expect you can do all the basics such as accelerating and braking but the motion controls also allow you to pull off numerous swipes, by swinging the Wii remote left or right you can take swipes at other vehicles and this comes in very handy when you need to stop them in their tracks.

The driving test is very similar to the one introduced in the first game in the Driver series so it may bring back some memories, the initial manoeuvres you need to pull off are easy and involve accelerating and stopping after specific distances and pulling off handbrake turns.

After you've passed the basics you'll be tasked to drive another car off the road and after that the training wheels are taken off, once you've passed the tests you're released into the city and you'll take on a variety of missions that are similar to those found in GTA.